Racin' Action

Synchronized Dancing, Newcastle Style

Delos and his Flying Mini Sprint Circus, 3 Cars, 4 Bikes, a 4-Wheeler, a BBQ Grill, and a beer or two!


Robert "The Shark" Bandy doing whatever it takes, from getting the lights on to changing a motor in 45 minutes.


                                    Larry "The Outlaw" Reub, old school and bare knuckles            Don't look directly into his eyes, you might be blinded!                                         


                  www.raace.org  Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere                                     Nice parking Brooks!

Oodles of Action






  Shark Out of Water                                                                      Last Minute Instructions




Action from Newcastle


Point Championship battle from Newcastle...... "nuff said"


 Sturgis Action


                                                   Senior D's Posse'                                Super Dave, Deb, and Fast Eddie

   Photos Courtesy of:

 Sandi's Perfectly Candid Photos & Doug Napier