Schrank Repeats Win in Newcastle

The Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint made it's last stop at the Newcastle Speedway on Saturday night, and the result was the same as the last stop. Reggie Schrank (521) seems to have found his stride as he doubled up on feature wins for his first and second trophies of the season. From his 4th starting position, Schrank quickly fell into the 2nd spot behind the early leader Tyler Mills in his #14 car, which hasn't seen much track time in the 2015 season. Mills looked like he had the field covered until he broke a throttle cable midway through the 20 lap main event, leaving the car "dead-in-the-water". Once the green flag dropped again, the 521 car had no real competition and went on to take the checkered flag, with point leader and Speedmart's Hard Charger Award winner John Garrigan jr. (95j) on his tail. Don Taylor (31) finished in third place, and went from 4th in points to a tie for 2nd with the 4th place finisher Tom Peterson (307), both are just 5 points behind Garrigan for the 2015 BHMST Point Championship. Pole sitter Doug McIntosh (23) rounded out the top 5.

The only incident of the evening was in the hot laps when first time driver Clay Plankonin, substituting in the #24 car for Colten Baumann, exited the 4th corner too high and too fast, came in hard contact with the guard rail and the fence on the front straight and rolled. I can imagine how that phone call went, because Baumann's car was destroyed.



Heat 1

1. Logan Hershey (20), 2. John Garrigan jr. (95j), 3. Ed Wagoner (51), 4. Martin Hansen (16)

Heat 2

1. Don Taylor (31), 2. Jason Robbins (50), 3. Riley Fremont (808), DNS 4. Ronald Sadness (36s)

Heat 3

1. Reggie Schrank (521), 2. Tyler Mills (14), 3. Blayne Brink (21), 4. Larry Reub (59)

Heat 4

1. Tom Peterson (307), 2. Doug McIntosh, DNF 3. Ryan Fulk, DNS 4. Clay Plankonin


1. Schrank, 2. Garrigan, 3. Taylor, 4. Peterson, 5. McIntosh, 6. Robbins, 7. Wagoner, 8. Fremont, 9.Brink, 10. Reub, 11. Hansen, DNF 12. Fulk, 13. Mills, 14. Hershey, DNS 15. Pankonin, 16. Sadness. 

Fick, Schrank, Hershey, all Score Victories in Newcastle


The Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour had a full weekend of racing in Wyoming, as Newcastle Speedway hosted the second annual Sagebrush Shootout. This year the shootout was an invitational that invited some of the best drivers from the Miniakota Micros, a series attracts drivers from eastern SD, IA, and MN. The weather and the racing was hot and thankfully dry for the 23 cars that took the track for the weekend.

Brandon, SD's Shane Fick (7), representing the Miniakota group, picked up the regular BHMST point feature win on Friday night on a super fast, super rough track, followed closely by Granville, IA's Tim Ottenbacher (32t), Newcastle, WY's Logan Hershey (20), Luvern, MN's Bryan Buysee (1), and Rapid City, SD's Jason Robins (50), with 4 states represented in the top 5 finishing spots. Turn 4 would be the nemesis of a couple of drivers, sucking Brandon Mills a little too high in qualifying, and into the guardrail finishing his efforts for the evening. Turn 4 also ended Karon Deshaw's evening during the heat races as she went over the turn, flipping and getting collected in the catch fence. Both drivers were ok and would repair and return for Saturday's racing. Rookie, Riley Fremont picked up the SpeedMart's Hard Charger Award by advancing 12 spots in the feature.

Saturday night would produce more exciting racing as the 2 groups would battle to be crowned the 2015 Sagebrush Shootout Champion. In the first feature of the night, the second regular BHMST point race, Reggie Schrank (521) Friday night's quick time setter, would score his first feature win of the 2015 season, leading wire to wire on a much smoother and slicker track surface. Close on his bumper for the whole race was Tim Ottenbacher, making an exciting last lap attempt for the win, only to come up 1/2 a car short. Hershey, Buysee, and Fick would again finish out the top 5.

For the second feature of the night, the Challenge Race, hometown hero Logan Hershey, was able to use lapped traffic to his advantage and overcome Reggie Schrank 1/2 way through the 20 lap feature. Hershey who has battled "gremlins" all season, from fuel pump problems to accidents, and 3 blown motors, would be able to keep his #20 at the front of the field, and take home (a short drive in Newcastle) the coveted Shootout trophy and be crowned as the 2015 Sagebrush Shootout Champion. Schrank would hold on finish 2nd, followed by the Miniakota drivers of Ottenbacher, Fick, and Buysee to finish in the top 5 spots. Corner 2 would turn out to be the problem on Saturday, as Shane Fick and Ron Fulk would both drive over the top and end up getting upside down. Fick would be able to drive away from his accident and finish his heat race, but Fulk took a much harder ride, destroying his car in the shootout feature. Ironically, Ron Fulk was the SpeedMart's Hard Charger winner in the first feature, easing the pain a little.

 The next stop for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour will be back at the Newcastle Speedway on Aug. 22nd for the last time of the 2015 season. Races start at 7:00pm


Night 1 of Sagebrush Shootout

Heat 1

1. Reggie Schrank (521) 2. Donnie Bandy (28), 3. Don Taylor (31), 4. Larry Reub (59), 5. Robert Bandy (27) DNS 6. Brandon Mills

Heat 2

1. Ed Wagoner (51w) 2. Logan Hershey (20) 3. Brandon Buysee (1) 4. Jason Wagoner (51) 5. Martin Hansen (16) 6. Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heat 3

1. Doug Napier (95j) 2. Tom Peterson (307) 3. Blayne Brink (21) 4. Colten Baumann (24) DNF 5. Karon Deshaw (26) 6. Riley Fremont

Heat 4

1. Shane Fick (7) 2. Tim Ottenbacher (32t) 3. Jason Robbins (50) 4. Jeff Wignall (19) 5. Ron Fulk (9)


1. Fick, 2. Ottenbacher, 3. Hershey, 4. Buysee, 5. Robbins, 6. Napier, 7. Brink, 8. Peterson, 9. Frermont, 10. Reub, 11. Taylor, 12. Hansen, 13. Baumann, DNF 14. Ron Fulk, 15. J. Wagoner, 16. Schrank, DNS Ryan Fulk, D. Bandy, R. Bandy, Deshaw, Wignall, Mills, E. Wagoner


Night 2 of Sagebrush Shootout

Heat 1

1. Larry Reub (59), 2. Ed Wagoner (51), 3. Ryan Fulk (11f), 4. Don Taylor (31), 5. Jason Robbins (50)

Heat 2

1. Reggie Schrank (521), 2. Logan Hershey (20), 3. Brandon Mills (22), 4. Jason Wagoner (51w), Martin Hansen (16)

Heat 3

1. Brandon Buysee (1), 2. Blayne Brink (21), 3. Shane Fick (7), 4. Jeff Wignall (19), 5. Colten Baumann

Heat 4

1. Tim Ottenbacher (32t), 2. John Garrigan jr. (95j), 3. Tom Peterson (307), 4. Riley Fremont (808), 5. Ron Fulk (9)


1. Schrank, 2. Ottenbacher, 3. Hershey, 4. Buysee, 5. Fick, 6. Garrigan, 7. Brink, 8. Mills, 9. Peterson, 10. Robbins, 11. Taylor, 12. Wignall, 13. Fremont, 14. Reub, 15. Ron Fulk, 16. Hansen, 17. Baumann, DNF 18. Ryan Fulk, 19. J. Wagoner DNS E. Wagoner


Sagebrush Shootout Heats

Heat 1

1. Ottenbacher, 2. Fremont, 3. Hansen, 4. Ron Fulk, DNS J. Wagoner

Heat 2

1. Peterson, Reub, Garrigan, Deshaw, Ryan Fulk, Fick

Heat 3

1. Wignall, 2. Mills, 3. Robbins, 4. D. Bandy, 5. Hershey, 6. Buysee

Heat 4

1. R. Bandy, 2. Brink, 3. Taylor, 4. Schrank, 5. Baumann, 6. E. Wagoner



Sagebrush Shootout Feature

1. Hershey, 2. Schrank, 3. Ottenbacher, 4. Fick, 5. Buysee, 6. Mills, 7. Taylor, 8. Garrigan, 9. Brink, 10. Robbins, 11. E. Wagoner, 12. Ryan Fulk, 13. J. Wagoner, 14. Peterson, 15. Wignall, 16. Fremont, 17. Deshaw, 18. R. Bandy, 19. D. Bandy, 20. Hansen, DNF 21. Ron Fulk, 22. Baumann, DNS Reub


Time Trials

Reggie Schrank - 12.300  Logan Hershey - 12.364  Shane Fick - 12.444   Ed Wagoner - 12.613  

Don Taylor - 12.739   Brandon Buysse - 12.806   Doug Napier - 12.872   Tim Ottenbacher - 12.872

Jason Wagoner - 12.895   Jason Robbins - 12.954   Karon Deshaw - 13.139   Riley Fremont - 13.152

Blayne Brink - 13.349   Donnie Bandy - 13.375   Tom Peterson - 13.497   Ron Fulk - 13.515

Robert Bandy - 13.620   Jeff Wignall - 13.712   Larry Reub - 14.033   Martin Hansen - 14.642

Colten Baumanm - 15.345   Ryan Fulk - 0.000   Brandon Mills - 0.000

Perseverance Pays Off for McIntosh in Sturgis


Doug McIntosh has been a familiar face in the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour for many years, always a contender in the race and the points battle, but he has had a bit of a dry spell in the past couple of years when it comes to feature wins. His perseverance paid off Saturday night in Sturgis, SD as he lead all 25 laps of the feature event in his familiar #23 car. Starting from the pole position, McIntosh pulled out to a good lead while the real battle was for the second spot between Robert Bandy (27) and Brandon Mills (22). About 10 laps into the race, the two made contact breaking Bandy's steering and sending his car into the wall, and sending Mills to the rear of the field, thus giving the second spot to last weeks winner in Newcastle, WY, Blayne Brink (21). The 14 yr. old Brink put tons of pressure on the leader for the remainder of the race, pulling alongside McIntosh a couple of times, but could never pull off the pass, and settled for second. This shows the maturity of the young Brink, for it would have been easy to tap the leader and send him sliding out of the groove on the slick Sturgis track. "I raced him like I would want him to race me" said Brink after the feature. Jason Robbins (50) the Quick Time setter of the evening in time trials came home in 3rd, Tom Peterson brought his #307 home in 4th, and Logan Hershey (20) picked up the SpeedMart's Hard Charger Award by starting 17th and capturing the 5th spot.

After the exciting main event, the night was still young, and the drivers still had a little gas in them, so they decided to take the wings off the cars and give the fans a treat by racing a Non-Winged 20 lap feature. Logan Hershey and Blayne Brink started on the front row according to the draw, and Hershey quickly grabbed the lead for the first 11 laps until a failed fuel pump sidelined him for the race. Brink inherited the lead and stretched it out to a full straight-a-way before taking the checkers and the win. Brandon Mills drove his #22 car from a 12th starting spot to finish 2nd, Doug McIntosh finished 3rd, points leader Don Taylor finished 4th and Jason Robbins finished out the top 5.

The Hoosier Tire's BHMST has next weekend off, but will be back in Newcastle, WY on Aug 7-8th for a 2 night Sagebrush Shootout, featuring the BHMST as well as the Miniakota Micros from Eastern SD, MN, and IA. Friday night's races start at 8:00pm on Friday and 7:00pm on Saturday.

Time Trials

1.Jason Robbins 12.560,   2.John Garrigan jr. 12.630,   3.Logan Hershey 12.730,   4.Robert Bandy 12.890,  5.Larry Reub 12.930,   6.Brandon Mills 13.010,   7.Don Taylor 13.030,   8.Jeff Nelson 13.050,   9.Doug McIntosh 13.080,   10.Tom Peterson 13.080,   11.Blayne Brink 13.280,   12.Martin Hansen 13.380,   13.Karon Deshaw 13.460,    14.Samantha Swett 13.530,   15.Colten Baumanm 13.580,   16.Brad Olson 14.060,   17.Ronald Sadness 14.110,   18.Ryan Fulk 0.000

Heat 1

Larry Reub (59), Karon Deshaw (26), Brad Olson (66), DNF Ronald Sadness (36s), DNS Ryan Fulk (9)

Heat 2

John Garrigan jr. (95j), Tom Peterson (307), Don Taylor (31), Jeff Nelson (808), Colten Baumann (24)

Heat 3

Blayne Brink (21), Doug McIntosh (23), Jason Robbins (50), DNF Logan Hershey (20)

Heat 4

Brandon Mills (22), Robert Bandy (27), Martin Hansen (16), Samantha Swett (X's)


McIntosh, Brink, Robbins, Peterson, Hershey, Mills, Reub, Deshaw, Taylor, Nelson, Hansen, Garrigan, Baumann, Swett, DNF Sadness, Olson, Bandy, DNS Fulk

Non-Wing Main

Brink, Mills, McIntosh, Taylor, Robbins, Peterson, Fulk, Swett, DNF Hershey, Garrigan, Hansen, Reub, Olsen

Youngster Brink Takes em' to School in Newcastle


14 year old Blayne Brink from Gillette WY. showed the  21 car field how to win for the second time this season as the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour made their stop in Newcastle, WY.  Brink (21) who started pole position on the super-fast track, lead for the first few laps of the feature until he was overtaken by Nate Hand in his #2 machine. Hand had the field covered "handily" and looked like he would capture his first ever main event win, until the drive train on his speedster broke and he pulled into the infield. Brink recaptured the lead and was never again challenged for the rest of the 25 laps. Larry Reub (59) ended up in the runner-up spot, followed by Newcastle's Ed Wagoner (51) who finished 3rd. Fast time setter in the time trials John Garrigan jr. (95j) from Rapid City, SD came home in 4th, and Gillette's Reggie Schrank (521) finished out the top 5.

The hard luck season continued for the 2014 BHMST point co-champion Logan Hershey as he broke in his heat race, forcing him to start towards the back of the 21 car field. Hershey wheeled his #20 through the pack until he and #88 Jim Paisley tangled wheels, sending Paisley flipping off the track in turn 4. Paisley was unharmed, but his car suffered quite a bit of damage. Hershey's car was repaired and he once again started in the back of the pack. Hershey finished the race in 7th place earning him the SpeedMart's Hard Charger Award.

The next stop for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour is July 25th in Sturgis, SD at the Jackpine Gypsy's Short Track. Gates open at 5pm and races start at 7pm

Heat 1

Ed Wagoner (51), Reggie Schrank (521), Tom Peterson (31), Rick Peterson (22), Colten Baumann (24), Samantha Swett (X's)

Heat 2

John Garrigan jr. (95j), Don Taylor (31), Tyler Mills (14), Brad Olson (66)

Heat 3

Larry Reub (59), Blayne Brink (21), Martin Hansen (16), Ronald Sadness (36s), DNF Logan Hershey (20)

Heat 4

Nate Hand (2), Jeff Wignall (19), Jim Paisley (88), Jason Robbins (50), Ryan Fulk (9), DNF Riley Fremont (808)


Brink, Reub, Wagoner, Garrigan, Schrank, Mills, Hershey, T. Peterson, Taylor, Baumann, Robbins, R. Peterson, Swett, Sadness, DNF Hand, Olson, Wignall, Paisley, Fremont, Hansen, Fulk


Time Trials

Garrigan  12.427, Hershey 2.672, Hand 12.810, Wagoner 12.841, Brink 12.942, Taylor 13.134, Wignall 13.168, Paisley 13.330, Schrank 13.360, T. Peterson 13.527, R. Peterson 13.530, Fulk 13.565, Reub 13.580, Mills 13.589, Swett 13.618, Fremont 13.678, Sadness 13.748, Robbins 13.887, Baumanm 13.977, Hansen 14.177, Olson 16.624

Mills Dominates in Sturgis


For the third time of the 2015 season, Brandon Mills piloted his #22 to victory in the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour, for their 4th stop at the Jackpine Gypsy Short Track in Sturgis, SD. Logan Hershey, the BHMST 2014 Co-champion continued his hard luck season, leading the first 3 laps until a broken steering component ended his night early.  On the restart, Mills captured the top spot and lead the next 22 non-stop laps, carefully maneuvering high and low through lapped traffic.  Second place Robert Bandy (27) was closing the gap as the laps winded down, but time was not on his side as Mills took the checkers with a half a straight-a-way lead. Don Taylor finished 3rd from his 9th starting spot, which earned him the Speed Mart's Hard Charger Award for the evening, continuing his spectacular sophmore season and leading the 2015 BHMST Point Championship by 12 points over fellow Newcastle WY. driver Tom Peterson. Larry Reub (59) and John Garrigan jr. (95j) finished out the top 5.

               The only incident of the evening was when rookie driver Colten Baumann catapulted his #24 sprinter high into the air end over end down the front stretch during the B-Main event. Baumann was uninjured in the incident, but his car was not so lucky, which sustained heavy damage.

               The next stop for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour will be July 18th in Newcastle, WY at the Newcastle Speedway. Gates open at 5pm and races start at 7pm.


Heat 1

1. Brandon Mills (22)  2. John Garrigan jr. (95j)  3. Don Taylor (31)   4. Jim Paisley (88)  5. Colten Baumann (24)

Heat 2

1. Tom Peterson (307)   2. Robert Bandy (27)   3. Ryan Fulk (9)   4. Ron Fulk (36s)   5.Brad Olson (66)

Heat 3

1. Blayne Brink (21)  2. Reggie Schrank (521)  3. Nate Hand (2)  4. Karon Deshaw (26)  DNF 5. Doug McIntosh (23)

Heat 4

1. Logan Hershey (20)   2. Larry Reub (59)  3. Jason Robbins (50)  4. Riley Fremont (808)  5. Martin Hansen


1. Fremont  2. Jim Paisley  3. Martin Hansen  4. Karon Deshaw   5. Ron Fulk   DNF 6. Baumann  7. Olson   DNS 8. McIntosh


1. Mills  2. Bandy  3. Taylor  4. Reub  5. Garrigan  6. Peterson 7. Schrank  8. Fremont  9. Ryan Fulk  10. Brink  11. Robbins  12. Hand  13. Paisley  14. Hansen  15. Deshaw  DNF 16. Hershey

Rookie Fremont Shines in Sturgis


Riley Fremont, the teenage rookie from Spearfish, SD has been on a mission to learn as much as he can in his transition from drifter cars to the world of dirt racing in the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour, and his persistence paid off Saturday night at the Jackpine Gypsy track in Sturgis, SD. In only his 5th start and from his 3rd place starting place, Riley caught and passed the pole sitter and early leader Jason Robbins (50) at about lap 8, and after multiple cautions and restarts, managed to keep his black #808 in the lead for the remainder of the 25 lap feature. 12th place starter and Speedmart's Hard Charger Award winner and 2014's BHMST Point co-champion John Garrigan jr. (95j) finished second, but didn't seem to have anything for the leader, as the track started to lose more grip as the laps winded down. Alliance, NE. driver Jeff Wignall (19) finished 3rd in the feature event, followed closely by Larry Reub (59), who started towards the rear after transferring into the A-main by winning the B-main. Doug McIntosh (23) finished out the top 5.


The only major incident of the evening was when Logan Hershey (20), 2014's BHMST Point co-champion, while battling for the lead in the B-main, was collected up in spinning lapped car and ended up-side down. Hershey was uninjured, but his car was finished for the evening. The defending champ has had a series of bad luck nights with 3 broken motors, a crash, and as of yet has still been unable finish a main event.

The Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour has the week off next week for the 4th of July, but will return to the Jackpine Gypsy track in Sturgis, SD on the 11th of July for the 6th race of the season.

Heat 1

Jason Robbins (50), Nate Hand (2), Jim Paisley (88), Robert Bandy (27), Ronald Sadness (36s), Rick Peterson (22)

Heat 2

Reggie Schrank (521), Don Taylor (31), Tom Peterson (307), Karon Deshaw (26), Samantha Swett (X's), Brad Olson (66)

Heat 3

Jeff Wignall (19), Ryan Fulk (9), Doug McIntosh (23), Martin Hansen (16), Colten Baumanm (24)

Heat 4

Blayne Brink (21), Riley Fremont (808), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Logan Hershey, Larry Reub (59)


Reub, Deshaw, Baumanm, Swett, Bandy, R. Peterson, DNF Hershey, Olson, Hansen, Sadness


Fremont, Garrigan, Wignall, Reub, McIntosh, Hand, Robbins, Schrank, Paisley, T. Peterson, Taylor, Deshaw, DNF Fulk, Baumanm, Swett, Brink

Mills Rises to the Top in Newcastle


The Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour made their stop at the Newcastle Speedway in Newcastle WY, and the show belonged to Brandon Mills (22) for the second race in a row. After winning last week in Sturgis, SD, with a last lap pass, Mills continued his winning ways in Wyoming in front of a packed house. Mills didn't need a late race pass to win this week, as the #22 car lead all 20 of the feature event's laps, driving the high and low grooves as he worked his way through lapped traffic. Rookie Riley Fremont made a late race attempt to reel in the leader in his #808, but time was not on his side. Fremont finished 2nd in the race, but was disqualified at the scales for being 10 lbs light. This handed the runner up spot to John Garrigan jr.(95j) last year's BHMST point co-champion, who is doing triple-duty driving this weekend with his 95j Thunder Stock car at the Black Hills Speedway. He collected his first win in this division Friday night. Finishing out the top 5 was the pole sitter Jason Robbins (50) in 3rd, BHMST point leader Don Taylor (31) in 4th, and time trial's quick time setter and winner of the Speedmart's Hard Charger Award for the evening Reggie Schrank (521) in 5th.

The next race for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour is June 27th in Sturgis, SD at the Jackpine Gypsies Short track, races start at 7pm

Time Trials:

Reggie Shrank (521) 11.888, Brandon Mills (22) 12.029, John Garrigan jr. (95j) 12.106, Blayne Brink (21) 12.259, Don Taylor (31) 12.338, Nate Hand (2) 12.482, Jason Robbins (50) 12.618, Riley Fremont (808)12.661, Jim Paisley (88) 12.763, Martin Hansen (16) 13.438, Colten Baumanm (24) 13.572, Josh Bates (36s) 15.533


Brandon Mills (22), Ed Wagoner (51), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Reggie Schrank (521), Josh Bates (36s)

Heat 2

Larry Reub (59), Tom Peterson (307), Martin Hansen (16), Jeff Wignall (19)

Heat 3

Blayne Brink (21), Jason Robbins (50), Nate Hand (2), DNF Ryan Fulk (9)

Heat 4

Don Taylor (31), Riley Fremont (808), Colten Baumanm (24), DNF  Jim Paisley (88)

A Main

Mills, Garrigan, Robbins, Taylor, Schrank, Wagoner, Peterson, Wignall, Hand, Hansen, Paisley, DNF Brink, Baumanm, Reub, Fulk, DNS Bates, DQ Fremont

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun in Sturgis


With the rain taking many of the main events so far this year, the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour scheduled an unorthodox double header race on a Sunday evening, and the excitement was worth the wait. With a strong 24 car field, the heat races gave a glimpse of what the night would be like. In the heat races, both the 36s of Ronald Sadness and the 95j of John Garrigan jr. got up side down, but both cars would be back to race later. The heats and B-main had good racing and the 16 car B-main was stacked with talented drivers throughout, and eventually won by Brandon Mills, who would go on to win the second feature of the evening.

Once the A-main started, Blayne Brink, the winner of the feature weeks ago in Newcastle, WY, got tangled up with another car and ended up barrel rolling his shiny 21 machine on the first lap. He would be back later in the evening, after some hefty repairs and help from many other drivers. Once the race was restarted, the #20 car of Logan Hershey was the class of the field, leading the first 15 laps by a considerable distance until his motor expired for the second time in as many events. He was finished for the evening. Nate Hand took over the lead, in his #2 machine, on the restart, but with a couple of laps left was overtaken by Newcastle's Tom Peterson piloting the #307. Peterson would go on to win the main for his first ever mini sprint feature. Don Taylor (31) finished right on Peterson's bumper followed closely by Hand, rookie Riley Fremont (808), and Brandon Mills (22) to finish out the top 5.

After the main, there were still 22 cars standing and it was time to re-shuffle the drivers and start the excitement again. During the intermission, there was a quick rain shower, which was just enough to make the track super fast and multi-laned, which made for some side by side racing. The heats and 14 car B-main were relatively uneventful, except for the close racing. Once the second main event of the evening started, it was all Gillette's Reggie Schrank (521). He started on the pole and lead 19 and a half laps of the 20 lap event, but he came up just a bit short. During the whole race, Brandon Mills' #22 car was right on his Schrank's tail waiting for to make a mistake. At one point, rookie Riley Fremont stuck his #808 nose underneath the both of the leaders and tasted the first place position for just a moment before spinning and going to the back. On the last lap, Mills made his move and took the lead by a half a car, just enough to take the checkered flag. "I could smell his brakes and noticed he was slowing a bit, I knew I had to make my move" said Mills after the win. Schrank finished 2nd, Don Taylor (31) ended up 3rd, with Larry Reub (59) and Tom Peterson (307) finishing out the top 5.

The Speedmart's Hard Charger Awards were given to Riley Fremont and Tom Peterson

The next event for the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour will be next week, June 13th, at the Newcastle Speedway in Newcastle, WY. You do NOT want to miss this.....


Sturgis Race #1

Heat 1

Jeff Wignall (19), Tom Peterson (307), Brandon Mills (22), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Larry Reub (59), Karon Deshaw (26)

Heat 2

Don Taylor (31), Tyler Mills (14), Martin Hansen (16), Doug McIntosh (23), DNF Ronald Sadness (36s) Samantha Swett (X's)

Heat 3

Logan Hershey (20), Nate Hand (2), Donnie Bandy (28), Reggie Schrank (521), Colten Baumanm (24), Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heat 4

Blayne Brink (21), Robert Bandy (27), Jim Paisley (88), Riley Fremont (808), Jason Robbins (50), Ron Fulk (9)


B. Mills, Fremont, Paisley, Reub, D. Bandy, Schrank, McIntosh, Robbins, Garrigan, Ryan Fulk, Ron Fulk, Baumanm, DNF Swett, Hansen, Deshaw, Sadness


Peterson, Taylor, Hand, Fremont, B. Mills, Wignall, R. Bandy, Paisley, Reub, T. Mills, DNF Hershey, Brink


Sturgis Race #2

Heat 1

Larry Reub (59), Blayne Brink (21), Donnie Bandy (28), Nate Hand (2), Doug McIntosh (23), Ron Fulk (9)

Heat 2

Riley Fremont (808), Don Taylor (31), Jim Paisley (88), Karon Deshaw (26), Samantha Swett (X's), Ronald Sadness (36s)

Heat 3

Reggie Schrank (521), Brandon Mills (22), Jason Robbins (50), Martin Hansen (16), Colten Baumanm (24)

Heat 4

John Garrigan jr. (95j), Tyler Mills (14), Tom Peterson (307), Robert Bandy (27), DNS Ryan Fulk (11f)


Peterson, Paisley, Hand, Deshaw, McIntosh, Hansen, Swett, D. Bandy, Baumanm, Sadness, DNF Ron Fulk, Robbins, DNS R. Bandy, Ryan Fulk


B. Mills, Schrank, Taylor, Reub, Peterson, Brink, Garrigan, Paisley, Fremont, Hand, Deshaw, DNF T. Mills

Blayne Brink Scores a Victory in Newcastle


After 2 rain cancelled events, the Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour finally kicked off it's 2015 season, and the event did not disappoint. After uneventful heat races with winners Nate Hand (2), Logan Hershey (20), Blayne Brink (21), and John Garrigan jr. (95j), the 20 car feature was full of excitement. A first lap spin by Garrigan sent cars scrambling and the 22 machine of Brandon Mills into the front stretch guard rail, finishing his evening. After a couple of failed restart attempts which reduced the field with a few mechanical failures, the race was on, and the 2014 co-champ Logan Hershey and 14 year old Blayne Brink swapped the lead back and forth a few times with Brink finally settling in at the point. On lap 15, the red flag flew for the only time of the evening when rookie Riley Fremont driving his #808 from the rear, touched wheels with veteran Larry Reub (59) sending the rookie for a ride, flipping in turn 1, coming to rest on his side. Fremont climbed from his mangled machine unharmed. On the restart, Hershey regained the lead, but Brink quickly made a pass on the back stretch for the last time. 2 laps later, Hershey's motor expired in a plume of smoke and steam.  Brink went on to capture the lead, with Jim Paisley (88) finishing in second. Don Taylor (31), John Garrigan jr. (95j), and Jason Robbins (50) finished out the top 5.

The next race for the Hoosier Tire's BHMST will be June 6th at the Jackpine Gypsy's Short Track in Sturgis, SD.

Heat 1

Nate Hand (2), Jim Paisley (88), Jason Robbins (50), Riley Fremont (808), Ronald Sadness (36s), DNS Karen Deshaw

Heat 2

Logan Hershey (20), Ed Wagoner (51), Larry Reub (59), Ron Fulk (9), DNF Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heat 3

Blayne Brink (21), Don Taylor (31), Brandon Mills (22), Tom Peterson (307), Martin Hansen (16)

Heat 4

John Garrigan jr (95j), Robert Bandy (27), DNF Colten Baumanm (24), Doug McIntosh (23), DNS Reggie Schrank (521)


Brink, Paisley, Taylor, Garrigan, Robbins, Peterson, Wagoner, Reub, Bandy, Hansen, DNF Hershey, Sadness, Baumanm, Fremont, Ron Fulk, Schrank, Hand, McIntosh, Ryan Fulk, Mills, DNS Deshaw

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