Winner, Winner! Napier Repeats in Sturgis

After a slow and frustrating start to the 2014 Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour season, Doug Napier finally found his "groove" and piloted his sponsored 3d machine to his second feature win in as many weeks Saturday Night.  After taking the win last week in Newcastle, WY, Napier starting from the #2 spot in the feature at the  J.C. "Pappy" Hoel Short Track in Sturgis, took the lead on the first lap and managed to hold off the rest of the field for the multi-caution filled 20 lap main event. The battle was for the second spot, which was a fierce battle between Karon Deshaw (26),Blayne Brink (21), John Garrigan jr. (95j) and Tyler Liebig (55). Garrigan ended up in the runner-up spot, followed by Liebig, Jim Paisley (9j) and Larry Reub (59). Heat winners of the 25 car field were Brink, Reub, Paisley, Liebig, and Brandon Mills (22). The B-Main winner was Logan Hershey (20)

The next event for the BHMST is the Sage Brush Shootout in Newcastle, WY on Aug 8-9 which will feature the regulars from the BHMST and up to a dozen other drivers from around the area including the Miniakota Micro Sprints ( All the drivers will be fighting for over $5000 in purse and prizes. The races start at 7:00 each night.

Heat 1

Blayne Brink (21), Karon Deshaw (26), Nate Hand (2), Ron Fulk (9), Samantha Swett (X's)

Heat 2

Larry Reub (59), Doug McIntosh (23), Don Taylor (31), Taylor Everett (720)

Heat 3

Jim Paisley (9j), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Donnie Bandy (28), Logan Hershey (20), Jeff Wignall (19)

Heat 4

Tyler Liebig (55), Robert Bandy (27), Ryan Fulk (11f), Kenny Robbins (27k), Jason Robbins (50)

Heat 5

Brandon Mills (22), Doug Napier (3d), Landon Schmidt (24), Reggie Schrank (521), Scott Hudson (28x), Erin Wood (41)


Hershey, Schrank, J. Robbins, Wood, Hudson, K. Robbins, Swett, (DNF) Everett, Ron Fulk (DNS) Wignall


Napier, Garrigan, Liebig, Paisley, Reub, R. Bandy, Mills, Schrank, Schmidt, Deshaw, J. Robbins, McIntosh, Brink, Hershey, (DNF) Ryan Fulk, Taylor, Hand, D. Bandy

Racing, a Story of Community, Friendship, and Perseverance.

               There is something about the community of racing that defies definition. It is as strong as family and its roots go as deep as oaks and blood and waters and history. The Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour is just that kind of place. The friendships I have made in this "family" will last for the rest of my days, and the people who make up this community will stop at nothing to help another racer. We are fiercely competitively at the core, with adrenaline and emotion for what we do, but we are just as passionate for the idea of what we represent, "grassroots racing dedicated at keeping Mini Sprint Racing in the area competitive, affordable, and fun."

               This picture was taken a few weeks ago and when it was taken, no one knew these two brothers bonded by years fuel and dirt and fun would be the next 2 feature winners to represent the Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour. 2 weeks ago at the Sturgis Short Track, Jeff Wignall from Alliance, NE dominated the 25 car field to take home his first feature of the 2014 season and last Saturday night Doug Napier did the same with a 24 car field in Newcastle, WY.


After a 3 year absence from racing and taking over the reins of the Race Director for the BHMST, Napier traded his clipboard for a steering wheel at the beginning of the 2014 season. After a frustrating start with motor woes, broken parts, and a nasty flip with a substitute driver, the familiar 3D car ended up in victory lane for the first time since 2009. "I could have never even been back on the track without the help of Larry Reub, Shane Liebig, Jeff Nelson, Anthony Farnsworth, and countless offers from just about every member of the BHMST, This group is Awesome".

I wish I was a better "Wordsmith"  to craft a story that really captures the bond of this group, because I don't understand what keeps them coming back, spending their hard earned money and precious time to compete week in and week out for nothing but a trophy! That's right, the majority of the time the BHMST has NO purse, just a burning desire to compete and have bragging rights for a week or so. This past week, there were competitive racers from a 13 yr. old who is no stranger to winning, to a 78 yr. old who traveled from Idaho to be a part of this magic. I admit, I don't get it, but I like it!!!

Thank you all!


Doug Napier

Newcastle, WY 7-19-14

Heat 1

Brandon Mills (22), Larry Reub (59), Tyler Liebig (55), Landon Schmidt (24), Don Taylor (31)

Heat 2

John Garrigan Jr. (95j), Doug Napier (3d), Ron Fulk (9), Ed Wagoner (51), Jason Robbins (50)

Heat 3

Nate Hand (2), Tom Peterson (307), Donny Bandy (28), Karon Deshaw (26), Tom Jernigan (86)

Heat 4

Ryan Fulk (11f), Kenny Robbins (27k), Scott Hudson (28x), Jim Paisley (9j)

Heat 5

Logan Hershey (20), Reggie Schrank (521), Robert Bandy (27), Blayne Brink (21)


Deshaw (26), Schmidt (24), Paisley (9j), Brink (21), J. Robbins (50) Wagoner (51), Taylor (31), Jernigan (86)


Napier (3d), Mills (22), Schrank (521), Liebig (55), Peterson (307), Hand (2), Ryan Fulk (11f), D.Bandy (28), R.Bandy (27), Reub (59), Schmidt (24), Paisley (9j), K. Robbins (27k), Deshaw (26), Hudson (28x), Garrigan (95j), Ron Fulk (9), DNF Hershey (20)

Congratulations Reggie Schrank

Feature winner at Gillette Thunder Speedway


Next race 7-12-14 in Sturgis, SD

Fast Times in Sturgis for the BHMST

Mills Gives a Driving Clinic

The Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour made its second stop of the season at the J.C. 'Pappy' Hoel Short Track in Sturgis, SD. The weather gave a short reprieve, just long enough to get the full race in. The recent rains made for a fast tacky track all night. Unfortunately, fast tacky tracks are usually hard on equipment, and that was the case for a number of the 23 car field. Broken motors, broken chains, and bent parts were the norm for a portion of the racers, but for the dozen or so cars that managed to survive the track, they put on one great show.

Brandon Mills started the feature from the front row and put on a driving clinic for the rest of the field, he led every lap and was never challenged all evening. The excitement was for the race for the top 5 with changes in position on every lap. When it all shook out, Gypsy Jim Paisley (9j) ended up in the runner-up position, 13 yr. old Blayne Brink (21) took home the 3rd spot and Tom Peterson (307) and Donnie Bandy (28) finished out the top 5. Unfortunately for Peterson, he did not make weight at post weight inspection and was disqualified, taking away a spectacular run and finish.

The next stop for the BHMST is June 14th in Newcastle, WY and returning to the Sturgis Short Track on June 28th.


Brandon Mills (22), Tyler Liebig (55), Jeff Wignall (19), Ryan Fulk (11f), Ron Fulk (9), DNF Doug Napier (3d)


Doug McIntosh (23), Robert Bandy (27), Jim Paisley (9j), Nate Hand (2), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Jason Robbins (50)

Heat 3

Blayne Brink (21), Tom Peterson (307), Karon Deshaw (26), DNF Taylor Everett (720), Don Taylor (31), Reggie Schrank (521)

Heat 4

Logan Hershey (20), Larry Reub (59), Donnie Bandy (28), Scott Hudson (28x), Kenny Robbins (27k)


Garrigan (95j), Fulk (11f), Robbins (50), Taylor (31), Hudson (28x), Fulk (9), DNF Everett (720), Napier (3d) DNS Hand (2), Schrank (521), Robbins (27k)


Mills (22), Paisley (9j), Brink (21), Peterson DQ (307), Bandy (28), Garrigan jr. (95j), Bandy (27), Reub (59), Robbins (50), Taylor (31), Hudson (28x), DNF Liebig (55), Hershey (20), Deshaw (26), McIntosh (23), Fulk (9), Fulk (11f), DNS Wignall (19)

Liebig takes BHMST Feature in Newcastle

Tyler Liebig is back to his winning ways in 2014 with a 2nd place finish in Sturgis, SD just 1 week ago, and a feature win in Newcastle, WY on 5-24-14.

This 13 year old is one to keep your eye on this year.

BHMST Results 5-24-14

Heat 1

Logan Hershey (20), Donnie Bandy (28), John Garrigan jr. (95j), Karon Deshaw (26), Tom Peterson (307), Ryan Fulk (11f)

Heat 2

Tyler Liebig (55), Jim Paisley (9j), Larry Reub (59), Blayne Brink (21), Ron Fulk (9)

Heat 3

Reggie Schrank (521), Nate Hand (2), Kenny Robbins (27k), Jeff Nelsen (3d), Robert Bandy (27)


Liebig (55), Garrigan (95j), Schrank (521), Hershey (20), Reub (59), Brink (21), Paisley (9j) R. Bandy (27), Deshaw (26), Hand (20), Ron Fulk (9), Peterson (307), Robbins (27k), DNF Ryan Fulk (11f), Nelsen (3d), D. Bandy (28)

Hershey wins opener in Sturgis


Season Opener for the BHMST in Sturgis

The Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour made their first stop of the 2014 season in Sturgis Saturday night, and the excitement picked up where it left off last year.

After motor problems all week, Logan Hershey (20) and his dad Randy scraped and scrounged to find parts to put a motor together that was blown up last week after 1 lap of practice. Their focus was just to go out and run, shake the car down, gain a few points, and wait it out for a couple of weeks until their new motor arrives from Ohio. Well, it didn't go quite as planned. John Garrigan (95j) lead the feature from his first starting position with 13 yr. old Tyler Liebig (55) hot on his tail. On the last lap of the 20 lap feature, the leaders had some trouble getting through lapped traffic, and Hershey made his move from 3rd to first at just the right time, and ended up with the victory.  Liebig came home with a 2nd place finish, while Garrigan, Paisley (9j), and McIntosh (23) rounded out the top 5.

Other than a couple of yellow flags for mechanical failures and spins, the 20 lap feature went smooth on a track that stayed fast and multi-grooved all night.

The BHMST will make it's next stop next Saturday night 5-24-14 at the Newcastle Speedway in Newcastle, WY. Gates open at 5pm and racing starts at 7pm.

Heat 1

John Garrigan (95j), Logan Hershey (20), Robert Bandy (27), Jim Paisley (9j), Ron Fulk (9)

Heat 2

Donnie Bandy (28), Ryan Fulk (11f), Tyler Leibig (55), Larry Reub (59), Kenny Robbins (27k), Doug Napier (3d)

Heat 3

Blayne Brink (21), Doug McIntosh (23), Reggie Schrank (521), Nate Hand (2), Karon Deshaw (26), Rick Peterson (22)


Hershey (20), Liebig (55), Garrigan (95j), Paisley (9j), McIntosh (23), Hand (2), R. Bandy (27), Reub (59), Schrank (521), Ryan Fulk (11f), Brink (21), Napier (3d), Deshaw (26), Peterson (22), Robbins (27k), DNF Ron Fulk (9), D. Bandy (28)

  2014 NEWS


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