Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour's

Point Championship Night 

Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour Championship Weekend

               After an exciting 2015 Hoosier Tire's Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour season, the point championship boiled down to 3 races in 2 nights at 1 fast Heartland Speedway in Rapid City, with 5 drivers in contention for the championship.  John Garrigan jr. had a 5 point advantage over Don Taylor, and Tom Peterson, with Blayne Brink and Larry Reub close enough to make it interesting.

               The weather was perfect both nights, and the track was fast, with multiple lanes of racing both nights. Friday night's show was a nail-biter with the top 3 cars all starting from deep in the pack. 3 wide racing was the norm for the 25 lap feature, and when the checkered flag dropped, Newcastle, WY's Logan Hershey (20) held off a hard charging John Garrigan (95j) and Blayne Brink (21). Larry Reub and Don Taylor finished out the top 5. Brink collected the SpeedMart's Hard Charger award for the race, starting 10th and finishing 3rd.

               Saturday Night's racing was just as exciting with the track even better than the night before, if that was possible. The first 20 lap winged feature went caution free, with the checkered flag going to Spearfish, SD's Jason Robbins (50), with Gillette WY's Blayne Brink right on his bumper, even pulling alongside Robbins on the last lap, as lapped traffic made for some exciting strategy. Friday's winner Logan Hershey finished 3rd, while Don Taylor and John Garrigan finished out the top 5. Brandon Mills picked up the SpeedMart's Hard Charger award for the race.

               The second race of Saturday evening was an exciting 20 lap NON-Winged race with Friday nights winner Logan Hershey taking home another trophy to add to his collection. Hershey mastered the super-fast Heartland Speedway and also collected the SpeedMart's Hard Charger award for the race by starting 10th and winning the race. Earlier winner of the evening Jason Robbins finished 2nd, with Don Taylor, Larry Reub, and John Garrigan jr. finishing out the top 5. The scariest incident of the weekend was in the non-winged race when Doug McIntosh (23) came in contact in turn 4 with the spun car of 2015's Rookie of the Year Riley Fremont (808) sending McIntosh into a violent flip, causing the only red flag of the weekend. McIntosh climbed from his car shaken and bruised, but walked away.

               When the dust settled (the only dust of the weekend) John Garrigan jr. was crowned the 2015 Hoosier Tire's BHMST Champion for the 3rd year in a row by only 6 points over 2nd year driver Don Taylor.  Riley Fremont was crowned the 2015 Rookie of the Year. For more highlights and interviews with the winners, check out the next episode of www.BHRaceTalk.com or listen on iTunes or Stitcher at Black Hills Race Talk.




Friday Night

Heat 1

John Garrigan (95), Larry Reub (59), Jeff Wignall (19), Brandon Mills (22)

Heat 2

Logan Hershey (20), Don Taylor (31), Blayne Brink (21), Martin Hansen (16)

Heat 3

Tom Peterson (307), Doug McIntosh (23), Jason Robbins (50)

Heat 4

Riley Fremont (808), Ryan Fulk (9), Brad Olson (66)


Hershey, Garrigan, Brink, Reub, Taylor, Peterson, Wignall, Robbins, Fulk, Hansen, Olson, DNF Fremont, McIntosh, Mills


Saturday Night #1

Heat 1

Garrigan, Brink, Reub, Mills, Hansen

Heat 2

Taylor, Fulk, McIntosh, Fremont

Heat 3

Hershey, Robbins, Peterson, Wignall


Robbins, Brink, Hershey, Taylor, Garrigan, Fulk, Mills, Reub, McIntosh, Peterson, Hansen, Wignall, DNF Fremont


Saturday Night #2

Heat 1

Peterson, Garrigan, Brink, DNF McIntosh, Fremont

Heat 2

Robbins, Taylor, Fulk, Hershey

Heat 3

Reub, Jim Paisley (88), Hansen, DNF Mills


Hershey, Robbins, Taylor, Reub, Garrigan, Peterson, Fulk, Hansen, Paisley, DNF Brink, Fremont, DNS McIntosh, Mills

BHMST 2015 Schedule

May 9 - Newcastle, WY (snow)

May 16 - Sturgis, SD (rain) make up 6-6-15

May 22 - May 23 - Rapid City, Heartland Speedway (Canceled)

May 23  Newcastle, WY   Blayne Brink

June 6 - Sturgis, SD Tom Peterson and Brandon Mills

June 13 - Newcastle, WY Brandon Mills

June 27 - Sturgis, SD Riley Fremont

July 11 - Sturgis, SD Brandon Mills

July 18 - Newcastle, WY Blayne Brink

July 25 - Sturgis, SD Doug McIntosh (Blayne Brink non-wing no-points)

Aug 7 - Aug 8 - Newcastle, WY Shane Fick, Reggie Shrank, and Logan Hershey

Aug 22 - Newcastle, WY Reggie Shrank

Sept 11 - Sept 12 -Rapid City, Heartland Speedway Logan Hershey, Jason Robbins, Logan Hershey

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 BHMST Championship Points

as of 9-12-15

                                                                                                     Points      Driver                  Car #  

1 1597 John Garrigan jr. 95j
2 1591 Don Taylor 31
3 1579 Blayne Brink 21
4 1564 Larry Reub 59
5 1557 Jason Robbins 50
6 1505 Riley Fremont* 808
7 1467 Tom Peterson 307
8 1458 Martin Hansen* 16
9 1433 Ron Fulk 9
10 1369 Brandon Mills 22
11 1338 Logan Hershey 20
12 1113 Reggie Schrank 521
13 1099 Colten Baumann* 24
14 1028 Doug McIntosh 23
15 866 Jim Paisley 88
16 851 Jeff Wignall 19
17 848 Ronald Sadness* 36s
18 759 Nate Hand 2
19 704 Robert Bandy 27
20 672 Karen Deshaw 26
21 502 Brad Olson* 66
22 501 Samantha Swett X's
23 456 Ryan Fulk 11f
24 453 Ed Wagoner 51
25 434 Tyler Mills 14
26 291 Donnie Bandy 28

 * denotes 2015 Rookies battling for Rookie of the Year

Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour Info
2014 Rules        2014 Point System

BHMST 2015 Schedule

May 9 - Newcastle, WY

May 16 - Sturgis, SD

May 23 - Newcastle, WY

May 24 - Newcastle, WY

June 6 - Sturgis, SD

June 13 - Newcastle, WY 

June 27 - Sturgis, SD 

July 11 - Sturgis, SD 

July 18 - Newcastle, WY

July 25 - Sturgis, SD

Aug 7 - Newcastle, WY

Aug 8 - Newcastle, WY

Aug 22 - Newcastle, WY

Sept 11 -Rapid City, Heartland Speedway 

Sept 12 -Rapid City, Heartland Speedway

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